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Stephen's debut novel


A devastating secret


A deadly intent


front cover of circle of innocents novel
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A group of unwitting strangers will have to stand as one to fight the ultimate evil …

Everything about Joanne and Samantha Middleton’s perfect life is all about to change, and a freak confrontation on Hampstead Heath with a tragic, deluded loner – Wayne Terry – is only the beginning.

Terry is an abused social misfit whose misery has caught the eye of a malevolent entity seeking to use the young man’s dark past and loathing for its own, bloody ends, and those ends involve Joanne’s only child, nineteen-year-old Samantha.

A menacing cycle has begun. Forced to leave their Hampstead home following a series of terrifying supernatural events, Joanne and Samantha flee to their second home, an idyllic country retreat set in a secluded Hertfordshire village.

But can a simple country cottage keep Samantha safe from a relentless nightmare, or will a seemingly random encounter with a well-meaning family hold the key to saving the most important thing in Joanne’s life?

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"a sensational, chilling, and horror-filled work that will certainly offer fans of dark supernatural thrillers a great run for their money"

About the Author

author stephen d curtis

Stephen David Curtis is an English author, and a resident of the county of Cambridgeshire in the UK where he lives with his partner, Eva, and his vivid imagination!

Originally from Mountnessing in Essex, Stephen has spent most of his life living in Hertfordshire, the setting for his debut novel: Circle of Innocents.


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